2002 Sun 'n Fun

When pilots aren't flying they love to talk about flying and look at airplanes.  At the Sun 'n Fun fly-in/airshow/carnival held in Lakeland Florida every April, pilots can overdose on both.  The event is sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) to promote home-built and ultralight aircraft.  My friend Bob Kennedy attends regularly and took these photos with a Sony Mavica.   (If you would like to reprint or reuse any of these images, contact Bob at bob8080@aol.com)

Click any image for a larger picture.

An Extreme Polish on a T-6 Spinner
The Photographer Was Too Focused to Say "Cheese"

When a Plane is Restored for Show...
This is the Result

A Longer View of the T-6

Another Warbird
This is a Lovingly Restored Corsair

A Classic Cessna 195
The Aluminum is So Finely Polished It Looks Like Chrome

Chech L-39 Trainer in USAF Colors

This Zenair Zodiac is Dressed to Enlist

Titan Tornado Lifting Off

Bell Jet Ranger in Landing Hover

A Glass Panel for a Glass Airplane
A Recently Completed Lancair IV-P

Another Great Panel
This One in a "Plain" Lancair IV

Not so Hi-Tech But Still Nice
The Panel on a Blue Collar Cessna Caravan

Under the Hood of a Supercharged Lancair 320
The Blower is Bottom Center

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