This was the first opportunity I had to take airborne pictures with my new camera.  I shot over 50.  Unfortunately, shooting through the side window seemed to confuse the auto exposure mode.  The vast majority of images were severely overexposed and beyond salvage with PhotoShop.  Here are the survivors.  (Click a picture for a larger image.)

Update - the over exposed images were pilot error after all.  I was shooting in shutter priority mode with the aperture wide open (f2.5).  Even with a shutter speed of 1/1000, the sky was so bright that my camera could not properly expose the scenes.

A range near Aspen.

Mt. Sopris near Carbondale

Landing at the Telluride airport is quite an experience.  Field elevation is 9078'.  The 6870' runway is wide, but it slopes dramatically to the center from both ends.  The approach to runway 9 is over a river canyon.  Expect up or down drafts plus turbulence on short final.  You really do not want to plan on touching down on the numbers.  A go-around in an underpowered plane like mine is difficult and risky. The terrain rises steeply in all directions except for back down the river canyon.

My 1975 Cardinal at the Telluride airport.  Yes the doors are very big.  They are wonderful for old guys with bad backs like me.  The lack of wing struts is a real plus for aerial photography.

Spectacular scenery towers over my Cessna Cardinal

The ramp at Telluride. That's the ski area on the left side of the picture.

Er... did I mention rising terrain?

This is a view of South Park.  Yes, it is THAT South Park.

Another View of South Park.

One More View of South Park.

This is friend Tom doing a great job ignoring me and flying the airplane.  Tom owns a cherry Piper Cherokee 235.  It is much better suited for high altitude airports than mine.  We plan to fly out to Akron, Colorado later this week to retrieve it from it's annual inspection.

My Friend Tom

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